What is Ashiatsu DeepFeet™ Bar Therapy?

Ashiatsu DeepFeet™ Bar Therapy is a barefoot massage technique, yes that’s right we said barefoot!  Laura really uses her feet…. and overhead bars to do the massage!  These techniques utilize and combine gravitational force with deep compression effleurage and to create “the most luxurious massage on the planet.”  These techniques when done correctly will induce deep relaxation and stimulate the body’s lymphatic system.

These techniques were developed by Ruthie Harper of DeepFeet™.  After many years of traveling with her parents as a child and also then becoming a massage therapist.  She felt that there was a better and more relaxing and luxurious way to give a massage with deep pressure.  Techniques she saw as a child traveling with her parents of practitioners using their feet always interested her, but they never looked as comfortable as she would have liked.  Through much experimentation and practice she developed what is the Western Adaptation of Eastern Techniques we now call DeepFeet™!