Services offered by Laura “The Barefoot Therapist”

Laura is currently practicing massage in her home studio located in Walnutport, PA.  Booking can be done through her online booking system, by contacting her directly.  Please also take a moment to review Laura’s policies to make yourself familiar.

Laura’s Signature Massage

Laura’s Signature Massage Sessions involve an interview with the client to define what exactly their needs are for their session.  It could be a soothing gentle relaxation massage or a more therapeutic and more issue solving session or a combination of both.  You can choose everything from the music, table warmth (through a heated table pad) to make sure that you are in an environment that helps you relax and rejuvenate to the fullest.

  • 60 Minutes ~ $60
  • 90 Minutes ~ $85

Ashiatsu DeepFeet™ Bar Therapy

A deep tissue technique that is perfect for chronic pain in the body, those who love deep pressure or just love to deeply relax.  “Ashi” meaning foot and “atsu” meaning pressure, defines this multicultural inspired technique.  The massage is done on a table as others are preformed on mats on floors and is done with the therapist using bars suspended overhead for balance while the therapist uses their foot or feet to apply deep compression strokes to strategic ares of the body for maximum pain relief and decompression.

  • 60 Minutes ~ $60
  • 90 Minutes ~ $85

Targeted Massage

Can’t peel yourself away for a long time, but still need a touch up for your body?  Laura offers Targeted Massage sessions to focus on one or two areas of the body in a half hour.

  • 45 Minutes ~ $45

Massage Packages

  • (3) 1 Hour Massages ~$150 – expires 4 months from purchase

Other Therapeutic Services

Energy Balancing Sessions

If you are feeling a little out of sorts or would just like a better connection with your mind and body, Energy Balancing Sessions can help you reconnect with yourself.  Laura uses Healing Touch techniques to balance your chakras, clear your energy field and help bring peace back to your mind and body.

  • Energy Balancing Sessions: $60

Chakra Balancing Massage

Chakras are the 7 major energy centers of the body.  Laura uses crystals, Healing Touch Chakra Balancing and essential oils to open your chakras so that they are ready to support you in your daily life.  This treatment is then finished off with a light, soothing, and relaxing back massage with a special essential oil blend designed to support the chakras and your mind and body.

  • Chakra Balancing Massage Sessions: $75

Raindrop Therapy

Raindrop Therapy uses 7 essential oils and 2 essential oil blends that are applied and worked into the body via the thoracic spine.  Combined with specific strokes and a light massage.  Raindrop Therapy is wonderfully relaxing, can help build immune systems and will leave you feeling light and airy!

  • Raindrop Therapy Sessions $75