Sarga Bodywork New to Pennsylvania!

The “Colorado Rock Stars” Class. First Sarga Class held in Parker, Co!


Earlier this year I decided to expand my massage practice to include Sarga Bodywork. So late this fall I attended a class in Denver, Colorado to expand my knowledge of barefoot bodywork. If you saw some of my posts from October, before my laptop died, you read about some of my first three days in Colorado and at class. It was amazing to receive and to practice!

I am actually the first and only practitioner certified in Pennsylvania in Sarga Bodywork!

So what is Sarga Bodywork?

Straight from my instructor Jiva “Sarga Bodywork is a barefoot massage modality that employs the use of a fabric strap (“The Sarga”) fastened to a massage table to deliver therapeutic deep tissue and myofacial techniques. Gravitational and tensional force combined with the broad contact surface of the foot is used by the practitioners (that’s me) to generate slow, consistent strokes that stimulate, length, hydration and relaxation in the recipents’ (that’s you!) bodies.”

So what does this mean for you?

It means a deeper and more comfortable massage that is more therapeutic, purposeful and productive. Doesn’t that sound fantastic! It was for me.

I have had issues personally with my neck and chest muscles being tight, so tight that they constrict on the nerves that run down to my hands. Sometimes making my hands go numb from the pressure. That’s apparently what happens when you’ve been through five car accidents and whiplash injuries. While I was at class we not only had to learn how to give but we got to receive and give feedback to our fellow classmates. This was by far one of the most beneficial and comfortable techniques I have experienced to release the muscles in my chest and neck.

I am very excited to bring this therapy to my clients and its actually neat to be the first in the state and region to be practicing this modality. Most people who have learned from Jiva and Daniel are closer to the west coast as Jiva and Daniel are based in Hawaii.

I hope this article helps you to start understanding what Sarga is and how it can help you.

But as LaVar Burton says “Of course you don’t have to take *my* word for it!”

Alecia working my chest and upper arms out!