What exactly am I doing out in Colorado?!

Well the short answer is that I am extending my knowledge in barefoot bodywork, or bodywork with my feet. The more technical answer is that I am learning myofascial techniques that I can apply with my feet to help release the facial layer and therefore the muscles as well.

So what am I learning?

I am learning a technique called Sarga Bodywork. Sarga Bodywork is a methodology to use myofascial techniques that combined gravitational and tensional force to create broad contact, slow strokes that stimulate length, hydration and relaxation in my clients bodies.

Why am I learning this?

Recently I have been encountering clients with more tension and “Stuff” going on in their bodies than my regular ashiatsu deep compression work has been as effective as I would like.  I just wanted more out of it that I wasn’t able to get to help my clients.

I have also been frustrated with needing overhead bars to work. So I started looking for other methods of delivering barefoot work while not being tied to an overhead support structure. Yes I have portable bars, however they are pain in the tushy to put up!

Sarga Bodywork uses the Sarga Strap to support the therapist and use as a tool to give me the use of my feet through not only gravitational force but tensional force. I can get deeper and slower, releasing more in the muscles. So the work is deep but because we use our feet the contact is broad making it very comfortable.

I am working with some great therapists out here learning and have experienced some great releases in my own body. So I am really excited to bring this back to you!

Stay tuned for what Day 3 brings! PS. I’m here for a 6 day class J