Adventures in Traveling…

So today was my first day of class in Sarga Bodywork and it was quite fun. However first I had to deal with what all the locals call “Bipolar Colorado”. It was nearly 80 degrees on Sunday, I went for a beautiful walk in a national park and this morning, I woke up to snow. I laughed. Since it was so warm leading up to this, the roads were just wet. My rental car however came from California and does not have a snow scraper in it. There’s me in the driveway of my AirB&B clearing off snow in my Metro Sweatshirt and leggings because I’m ready for class.

Class was only 10 minutes away from where I am staying so that was also a plus.

It’s always an adventure when you travel to new places.

Tomorrow it’s supposed to be in the 50’s so the snow should all be a distant memory.

Adventures in Class…

So the class I am taking is Sarga Bodywork. I’m taking it to add to my barefoot bodywork skills since I love doing that work so much. My ashiatsu training was more deep compression gliding strokes. They are great for relaxation but I was finding I needed a little more to help some of my clients who needed a little more than just relaxation or some stretching.

So today we learned how to set up our tables and be safe, how to adjust our straps for our body heights and a compression routine which is great to give people a taste, show at a seminar or get started with the rest of the work.

We also learned the myofacial stroke for the upper shoulders and it was AMAZING! I can’t wait to help some of my clients with this one, especially the ones who like to wear their shoulders like earrings. The work is deep but not intrusive to the body. Its great cause the pressure is broad because I’m using my foot. We all know how large my feet are :).

I can’t wait for tomorrow!

Until then… check out this video!