Some of you may have heard me talk about how massage therapists in Pennsylvania need to take a certain number of continuing education hours per renewal period which is every two years.

Last renewal period I started learning about Cranial Sacral Therapy and became Level 1 certified. This renewal period I am going to study Sarga Bodywork which is barefoot myofacial therapy. I’ll write more on that tomorrow.

The class is being offered outside of Denver, Colorado, usually its in Portland or Hawaii. So I decided to take the Denver class and came out to get my bearings a day early. It was so much fun!

So my adventures started this morning with finding a grocery store to get some supplies for the beginning of the week. Came back to where I’m staying, made myself some breakfast and then headed out to find out where my class is being held.

Then I got adventurous! I went to see my friend Steve whom I haven’t seen in years, but he’s living down in Colorado Springs. On my way down Rt 83, I saw so many horse ranches and watched the mountain range get closer. I also passed the Castlewood Canyon State Park and it looked really neat.

So on my way back I stopped off at Castlewood Canyon State Park. The park ranger who I met at the park rangers station was really nice. When I got into the park, I went for a 1.6 mile walk. All my walking with Scott is paying off, the altitude didn’t bother me. The sun was shining, the canyon was neat and the path was actually concreted so that people of all fitness levels could use the path that I was on. There were also harder paths including rock climbing, but I stuck with the easy one this time.

It was just a really great start to my journey out here in Denver.

Stay tune for tomorrow’s update on how class starts!